“Donna has completely changed the way I look at my health! Breast cancer runs in my family, and I recently had a scare myself. My doctor simply told me to just “keep an eye on things”, which left me feeling absolutely terrified and helpless. But Donna’s immense knowledge around genomic testing and our health has completely blown me away! I had no idea my body has issues breaking down Estrogen (along with several other things), and I’ve been on hormonal birth control for over 15 years! Donna explained every little detail, as well as supplements and lifestyle changes I should be taking to help pick up the slack where my immune system doesn’t quite do the job. I am beyond grateful to have virtually met you, Donna! Thank you for giving me Power, Prevention, and Peace of Mind!

Alisha Hernandez

“Donna was such a pleasure to work with.  Although, I too am in the holistic health field and workout regularly along with a healthy diet, I learned so much about what my body’s specific needs are.  My purpose in coming to Donna was from a preventative standpoint. Once I showed my naturopathic doctor the results, she was blown away.  And although I was taking most of what the results had recommended, there were two specific supplements that I was not taking and my doctor agreed and I’m now taking them daily.  The process was so insightful and I feel confident knowing that I was pretty much already on the right track, but this really confirmed it!  Thank you, Donna!!”

Catherine Johnson, CCT

“Over the years, I’ve explored health as a participant vs. an observer.  Our bodies are amazing and I so enjoy gaining understanding about how my body best functions.  When Donna and I spoke about the genome testing, I thought “wow”, this is powerful and will be helpful for me and my continued learning.  

We’ve just reviewed my results.  The information contained in the report and the way Donna provides “layperson” language to help me understand what the report contained was clear and powerful.  I look forward to adjusting my health habits accordingly and boost my overall health in ways that my body can absorb.  Thank you Donna!”

Lynn Lambrecht

“Like many women, I am concerned about how to be as healthy as possible and avoid getting life threatening diseases like breast cancer. When Donna told me she had a way to identify my “unique” health needs and vulnerabilities to help determine my risk for getting Breast Cancer, I jumped at the chance to work with her!  My test results came back and Donna walked me through the findings.  She went the next step and told me exactly WHAT I needed to do to strengthen the areas where my body is challenged.  After a week (or month, etc), I can feel a positive difference in my body. I have peace of mind now that I know I’m reducing my risk for getting breast cancer by giving my body exactly what it needs according to my genes! Thanks Donna!”

Adele Michal

Donna is on a mission to change the way we look at our breast health from the inside out. I am inspired by her holistic approach to breast cancer prevention. She is not only knowledgeable, but sincere in her work. Donna’s dedication to breast cancer prevention is second to none. If you haven’t had the opportunity to speak to her about your breast health and the lifestyle changes that you can implement to prevent breast cancer, you must!

Malia Holleron

Worried about getting breast cancer?