OK, I made a few New Year resolutions.  Did you?  One of the major areas for me to look at and deal with surrounds FEAR!  Yes, fear is real at the time you’re feeling it or even thinking about it.  But, often times when we break it down, the fear isn’t “real”, but a figment of our imagination.  Wow, now that’s deep so let me delve further.

I am usually a real outgoing person.  Send me into a party, and I can go up to anyone and begin a conversation, no problem.  But, put me up in front of a room full of people where I am the speaker, and all of a sudden my heart begins beating fast, my hands get sweaty and I may forget my speech!  Not pretty at all.  When I look at this fear, it doesn’t have any foundation.  The audience isn’t going to hurt me at all, but my mind goes places it shouldn’t go, such as imagined concerns.  These imagined concerns keep me frozen in time and space and so I never pursue speaking engagements.  Last year I hired a speaking coach and worked on my mind-set.  And, once I changed my thinking from FEAR to thinking that all these people were truly interested in the information I was sharing with them, everything changed.  My FEARs subsided and I’ll be speaking in 2019! 

Another FEAR I have is being “seen” on FB Live or on videos.  Well, there is another irrational FEAR.  So this year, with some coaching and help, I will be doing both of those.  I am facing my FEARS and moving through them.  It doesn’t mean I am FEARLESS at all, but I now have confidence and assurance.  I feel really good about this, even though part of me thinks I’m crazy.  I am moving past my “comfort” zone and I’m kind of excited about all of it! 

What FEARS do you have?  I was just talking to a client and she shared with me that initially she was afraid, fearful of taking this test and finding out that she might be at risk of getting ER+ breast cancer.  I can understand that to a certain degree.  If someone were to just tell me that I was at risk of any disease and then just leave me hanging there without any answers or solutions, I’d say “no thank you”!  Who would want to know and then worry all the time – not me!  But, here’s the scoop.  With this test you find out “if” there is a problem, and then you’re given the SOLUTION!  Problem solved!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  So, really her FEAR didn’t have any foundation.  And once she discovered she would have solutions if there were any problems, she was all IN!  She moved through her FEAR and is very grateful.  And she shared, “To be honest, my real FEAR was that I’d know my risk without getting solutions”.  Knowing your risk and knowing your solutions should bring comfort and assurance to everyone.  It sure did for her and all the others who have stepped forward and taken this test.  And as she said, “ I feel a lot more powerful knowing I can prevent getting ER+ breast cancer and that brings me complete peace of mind”.


Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS