I met up with a former client who jumped at the chance to take the Detox Complete Genomic Test over a year ago. I was just checking in with her to see how she was doing/feeling and if she had any questions regarding her results. Before we parted ways, a question popped into my head. I asked her WHY she jumped at taking the test. She looked at me somewhat puzzled and answered, “You’re asking the wrong question. The real question for any woman to ask herself is, WHY NOT take the test?”. I asked her to explain her statement.

Here are her reasons for the WHY NOT question:

  • With one in seven (1/7) women getting breast cancer, why not take this simple test?
  • With 70% of all breast cancers being Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+), why not take this simple test?
  • With 80% of all breast cancers being non-hereditary, why not take this simple test?
  • With menopausal women becoming the largest group of women being diagnosed with breast cancer, why not take this simple test?
  • Since breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, why not take this simple test?
  • Even if you think you are the least likely person to get breast cancer, why not take this simple test?
  • Why would you hesitate to know exactly how your body is working from the inside out, focusing on how your liver is able to detox pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, and especially how it is able to break down Estrogen so that it can be eliminated through proper channels – Why Not take this simple test?
  • With more and more pollution in our air, water and food, why not take this simple test?
  • Since most of we women have been on the Pill longer than 5 years, why not take this simple test?
  • Since many of us wait until our mid-30’s to have our first baby, why not take this simple test?
  • Since more and more of us are turning to dangerous fertility drugs to get pregnant, why not take this simple test?
  • With the average out-of-pocket expenses even with good insurance running around $10,000.00, why not take this simple test?

She reminded me that no one in her family had ever had breast cancer, and yet her test results revealed some “hiccups” in her body’s ability to get rid of toxic chemicals (many estrogenic) and Estrogen. But with knowledge, comes power! Now she knows exactly what she has to do to get her genes to behave better. She knows HOW to speak to them using diet, lifestyle and supplements. Her eyes lit up when she said that. She found this so fascinating and magical. “Can you imagine, knowing what you need to do to avoid the leading cause of death in women in the World, breast cancer”?

Now remember, there are several kinds of breast cancer. But, 70% of all breast cancers are Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+). That is precisely what this test will show you, your risk and solutions to avoid getting ER+ breast cancer. And for those of you who have had ER+ breast cancer or who have family members who have had ER+ breast cancer, this test is your ticket to amazingly, powerful information so that you can have peace of mind. My paternal grandmother died of ER+ breast cancer. She got it in one breast, had a mastectomy, and then got it in her other breast. This isn’t uncommon, as about 25% of women who survive ER+ breast cancer, will get it again. Don’t let that happen to you!

Now I know “prevention” may not sound sexy or appealing, but let me tell you, a diagnosis of breast cancer is totally unsexy and unappealing! The survivors I have spoken with all agreed that they would love to turn the clock back, take a simple test and “prevent” getting breast cancer.

Ladies, our breasts are such an important part of our femininity. They are sitting out front for everyone to see, and sit on top of our chest covering our heart. Take the time to protect them, give them love to keep them healthy and breast cancer free. As my former client said, “There is nothing more powerful than taking care of yourself. And this test was everything I was looking for and more”.

So if you’re a woman asking yourself WHY you should take this test, turn it around and ask yourself WHY NOT?