At times it seems like yesterday when my first husband and I were desperately trying to have a baby.  I was 29 years old.  Then we were recommended to the only infertility doctor in the Phoenix area.  And I can honestly say, that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  The roller coaster of tests and emotions came crashing down around us.  So many shots, pills and doctor appointments- it all seemed like a blur even then!  Now, it is 32 years later and it always sends a shiver up my spine when a couple tells me they are seeing a fertility specialist.

I think I was checked for every hormone possible, but funny, I don’t remember getting tested for my Estrogen level.  I remember precisely getting tested for Progesterone and Prolactin and antibodies against my husband’s sperm.  And worse, no one could tell us WHY we weren’t conceiving!  It was so frustrating and exasperating.  After 13 months on Clomid and 11 IUI’s, we finally stepped away from our dream of having children.  I was 30 years old.  We had been trying for 3 years and were out of money.  I remember crying for days at a time.  And, every time I saw a woman with her baby I would cry again.  Finally, I got up the courage to ask a new mother if I could touch her baby’s head/hair.  It always brought a sense of calm and serenity to me as my hand touched the soft, baby hair.  Such perfection!  I even wrote a song about it!  If anyone is interested, I will send it to you upon request.

So here we are, 32 years later.  Science has exploded in so many fields of study.  And of course, it has in the field of fertility.  But, what is so exciting is the Genomic test using the DNA of the man and woman, which will show their ability to conceive in many areas.  One area is how well the woman and the man are breaking down Estrogen, because if it isn’t breaking down properly, he/she will be Estrogen Dominant and it may interfere with their ability to conceive.  Truly, I believe this is exactly WHY I couldn’t conceive.  My liver had several “hiccups” in it’s ability to break down Estrogen so that it could be properly eliminated via sweat, urine and feces.  Because it wasn’t breaking down properly, the Estrogen just kept recycling and recycling, raising my Estrogen level.  Again, this can happen to a man as well, making his Estrogen level go up and become dominant over Testosterone, causing a low sperm count.  I worked with several couples where one or the other had a problem with Estrogen clearance through the liver.  Once it was identified and taken care of using diet, lifestyle and supplements, they conceived easily.

The second area of using your own DNA is looking at your ability to methylate.  Again, this happens in your liver.  If there is a “hiccup” in this process, it can make it very difficult to not only conceive, but to carry full-term.  So many couples that have several miscarriages in a row often have a problem with methylation.  I worked with a woman who had gotten pregnant 4 times and all miscarried within 7 weeks.  We then did a DNA Genomic Test to check her ability to methylate and found out she had several “hiccups”.  So we got busy and got her on track using lifestyle, diet and supplements.  She now has a wonderful little boy who just turned 1 in January.  Now that, for me, is a magical blessing.  Many times I cry when a client conceives and I get to hold that baby for the first time.  It is always tears of joy and love at the blessing of a new life!

So, if you are having trouble conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy, you just may have some “hiccups” in your liver affecting your Estrogen clearance and your ability to methylate.  This genomic test is so easy, affordable and private, as you do it in your own home.  The test kit is mailed directly to your doorstep.  You swab the inside of your mouth and mail it back to the lab in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided.  When I get the results, I write a report and then we have a phone consultation explaining your results and ACTION PLAN!  Yes, you get an action plan of what you need to do to get your liver on the right track.  In other words, you learn how to talk to your genes and get them to behave.  This is powerful information and is very individualized and customized since it is just for YOU using your DNA!

I look forward to helping many couples wanting to hear the laughter of their baby and the pitter-patter of little feet running down the hallway.   I know that longing and yearning and want you to fill your arms with your precious baby and not walk away with empty arms as I did.

Here’s to new science and the ability to help many couples!  I am 2 generations late, but if this had been available when I was “trying”, I would have jumped at this immediately.  Contact me and let’s discuss your desires and get going.  Don’t wait another moment, minute or month.  Your baby is waiting for you!