Wow, another year has come and gone. It seems each year is going faster and faster, so I just hang on, take charge when I can, and keep going! Every New Year brings many wishes for a Happy year. I like that, but what I like to encourage clients and others is to have a Healthy New Year. I find that when people are Healthy, they tend to be Happy.  Now, what are you going to do differently in 2019 to be healthy? And please don’t say, “I wish . . .” because wishing is just that – to desire, to want. Not good enough in my book. A strong declaration is needed with specific goals and steps.  I’ve found that most women don’t think about BREAST health when they make their New Year’s Health Declarations. With over 252,710 women in the United States being diagnosed with breast cancer every year (692 per day) and over 41,000 dying each year, I think breast health needs to be in the top 2. Wherever I go and talk about breast cancer prevention, there are always women there who have personally battled breast cancer, or have a friend who has breast cancer, or knows someone friend/family who has died from breast cancer. This is just unacceptable in my book when there are ways to actually prevent breast cancer. 

Breast cancer prevention is possible. With 80% of all breast cancers being Estrogen driven, why wouldn’t you take a DNA test to see how your liver is breaking down and eliminating Estrogen? This test is so simple and done in the privacy of your own home with 2 swabs of your inner cheek (just like on the CSI shows)! You mail it back in an envelope provided by the lab and 6 weeks later, results and solutions are available. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Power, Prevention, Peace of Mind! 

When most women think of breast cancer prevention they mention mammograms. Please, this is NOT prevention. This is detection after you already have breast cancer. How can that be prevention? When I went to my doctor 3 years ago asking him how I could prevent getting breast cancer because I had intense, shooting breast pain, he simply stated that I needed to keep getting my mammograms. REALLY? As a nutritionist, I knew I was eating really well about 80% of the time. What was I missing? Well, when I heard about Genomic testing and how it showed your liver’s ability to break down Estrogen properly so that it could be eliminated via sweat, feces or urine, I was intrigued. But when I discovered that they also gave you real solutions to override your errant genes, I was standing up and clapping for the speaker (I was at a nutritional conference at the time). I jumped at the chance to get signed up and get tested and what I found was amazing. I had several genes missing, several genes misbehaving and several just hanging around not doing their job. But, once I discovered what I needed to do to talk to these genes and get them back on course and applied the solutions with tenacity, my breast pain of 20+ years disappeared in 3 weeks. My thermograms went from being red-orange and angry with lots of inflammation, to cool blues and purples with no inflammation. I’m telling you, this test works! 

Do not become one of the statistics of breast cancer. Especially when this test is available. Genomic testing is being done on breast cancer tumors to see what drugs can be used to kill the cancer. Well, why not use this genomic test to prevent getting the breast tumor in the first place?? I have met women who have had radical mastectomies, women who have had lumpectomies, radiation and chemotherapy. None of them are the same afterwards. Their lives are changed forever. However, most of them were like you, thinking that they would never get breast cancer and therefore, didn’t have any action plans for keeping their breasts healthy. The other day, one of my clients stated, “You’d have to be a Boob to pass up this test”. We laughed at the pun, but vowed to spread the word across the country and globe. Don’t’ be a victim, be proactive. Get in contact with me to get this test done and discover how you can change your breast health destiny! Remember these words: Power, Prevention, Peace of Mind. It doesn’t get any better! 

To Your Breast Health in 2019,

Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS