Just read an interesting article about a study done at Rutgers University in New Jersey that detected carcinogens in hair products and linked them to the incidence of breast cancer in a group of women.

OK here are some of the basics of the study:

4,285 women between the ages of 20-75.

2,280 of them (1,508 African American and 772 Caucasian) already had breast cancer.

2,005 of them did not have breast cancer.

Researchers found that the darker shades of hair dyes were the most likely to contribute to the development of cancer. In fact, dark hair dyes were associated with a 51% increased risk of breast cancer in black women and a 72% increased risk in Estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer!

White women, however, were more likely to be affected by chemical relaxers and straighteners, with a 74% increased risk.

**Each woman’s individual estrogen-receptor positive status is also believed to contribute to how much impact these relaxers and straighteners have on her breast cancer risk. That is why it is so important to get your DNA tested to discover your personal estrogen-receptor positive risk factors. Stop guessing and discover your personal risk factors for Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer.

More research is still needed in this arena. But, the good news is this is just one risk factor we have almost absolute control over. Change your hair routines up and get your DNA tested!