Grass Fed Beef Benefits

Grass Fed Beef Benefits

I have so many people ask me about eating red meat – beef. So many have been told that it is bad for them to eat so they stay away from it like the plague. However, I tell my clients to eat read meat, but be particular with your choices. I always suggest for them to eat grass-fed meat. They are nutritious and delicious especially when cooked nice and slow. Crockpots are perfect as well as on stovetops on low heat. No hurry to cook them let them take their time to give you the most for your money. 

Grass-fed beef provides many benefits that cannot be found in commercial, grain-fed beef. Compared with commercial beef, grass-fed beef is lower in calories, contains more of the “good” fats and fewer “bad” fats, is richer in antioxidants and doesn’t contain added hormones, antibiotics or other drugs.

Lower in Fat and Calories

Meat from grass-fed cattle is lower in total fat; it can have as little as 1/3 the fat as a similar cut from a grain-fed animal. Grass-fed beef has about the same fat content as skinless chicken thighs, wild venison or elk. And because grass-fed beef is lower in fat, it is also lower in calories. Fat has 9 calories per gram, while protein has only 4 calories per gram. If everything in your diet remained the same but you switched from grain-fed to grass-fed beef, you’d lose about 6 pounds per year.

Abundant Healthy Fats

Grass-fed beef has three times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. Omega-3s are called “good fats” because they play a vital role in every cell and system in your body. Omega-3s help reduce blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases, maintain healthy brain function, prevent and/or slow the growth of many cancers, and prevent arthritis. Grass-fed beef also has fewer saturated fats, which are associated with heart disease, and a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

Higher Levels of Vitamins and Minerals

Grass-fed beef contains 10 times more beta-carotene than corn-fed beef, and studies have shown that beta-carotene is important for stimulating the immune system and maintaining healthy vision, skin and bones.

You’ll receive triple the amount of vitamin E when you eat grass-fed beef. Vitamin E is linked with a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. This powerful antioxidant may also have anti-aging properties. Most Americans are deficient in vitamin E.

Higher levels of the essential minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as higher levels of B-vitamins thiamine and riboflavin, are also found in grass-fed beef.

Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS

Early Breast Screening vs. Genomic Testing

Early Breast Screening vs. Genomic Testing

I’m in Palm Desert, CA in late July on a Saturday morning and it is peaceful. Many people have left the desert to escape the impossible summer heat and humidity that comes in July and August. However, this morning we’ve been blessed with a slight breeze that doesn’t feel like it’s coming from an oven! Both animals and humans sigh deeply and welcome this cooler breeze. Earlier I was reading a local rag on health and saw an advertisement for a local hospital. Here is the headline: Surviving, Thriving. Early Breast Screening Saved My Life”. The woman in the ad is a breast cancer survivor. She is praising her annual mammogram for finding her breast cancer early. I’d like to take a step back and ask the question: What can YOU do to prevent getting breast cancer? For most of us, getting breast cancer doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I focus and set PREVENTION as priority when working with clients, not early detection of breast cancer. Don’t get me wrong, early detection is wonderful and does save lives. However my goal is to help women never have to hear those 4 heart-stopping words: you have breast cancer.

I’ve spoken to many women about the health of their breasts and how to prevent getting breast cancer. What is exciting is that you actually do have some control; you’re not a victim out there waiting around to get breast cancer. Some of the women I have spoken with think that breast cancer awareness is over done and over blown. Well, just for the record, over 40,000 women and around 1,500 men die every year from breast cancer. And from the years 1971-2011, breast cancer went up 210%!

I’d like to share just a few statistics that may shock you, as I was shocked when this was first shown to me:

  1. 1940 – breast cancer was 1 in 20 (1/20); pharmaceutical Estrogen first released (the Pill)
  2. 1950 – breast cancer now 1/15; ten years after pharmaceutical Estrogen released
  3. 1960 – still 1/15; now 1.2 Million women on the Pill
  4. 1970 – Breast cancer now 1/13; 10 Million women on the Pill
  5. 1980 – breast cancer now 1/11 with 14 Million women on the Pill
  6. 1992 – breast cancer now 1/8 with 16 Million on the Pill
  7. Currently – breast cancer now 1/7.

Now this is not intended to say that the Pill is the only cause of women getting breast cancer. There are many exposures to synthetic Estrogen in our environment, but it is interesting to see how after the Pill was introduced, breast cancer did increase. So what are your exposures to breast cancer causes? Actually we are exposed daily to many sources of Estrogen and other chemicals that can increase breast cancer. One exposure may be where you work. Jobs such as a TSA agent at the airport, dental x-ray technician, hair and nail salons, nuclear plants, almost any office where electromagnetic fields such as WIFI exposure can add to breast cancer. We used to be able to escape WIFI on an airplane, but now they have WIFI on airplanes, too! Synthetic hormones are given to the very animals we eat to make them grow fat and ready to butcher quicker. They use xeno-estrogens in plastics and we use a lot of plastic in our lives. We also choose excess hormones in using birth control – the Pill, patches, IUD’s, YAS. Even abortions can put us at higher risk, as there is no breastfeeding to clear out some of the extra estrogen from getting pregnant. Fertility drugs, post-menopausal hormone replacement (even bio-identical hormones) adds more estrogen to our bodies. Excess alcohol, some drugs/medications add stress to our liver which has the chore of breaking down all these chemicals even Estrogen so that they can be eliminated from our body. Even preservatives in inorganic food, household cleaners, cosmetics, tobacco and other environmental pollutants are causing “stress” on your body and disrupting your hormone balance and may be setting you up for breast cancer.

Golly, what’s a Girl to do??

All of these things are pretty impossible to avoid. Yes, with some of them, we can make better choices such as organic food, organic liquors (wine), organic cosmetics, clean household products and other natural products. One of the best tools that I discovered a few years ago is Genomic testing. This is the absolute best way to prevent (yes I said prevent) getting the most common type of breast cancer . . . Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+). 70% of all breast cancers are ER+. Think about that amazing, astounding number – 70%. Now if you could discover how your body (Liver) is breaking down very potent dangerous estrogen into weaker estrogen so that it could be eliminated from your body, would you want to know so that you could PREVENT getting ER+ breast cancer. For me, the answer was a resounding and immediate YES! You see, this test doesn’t leave you hanging like other testing. You learn if you have a problem, and then you get YOUR solution! WHAT how amazing is that?

In my next blog, I’ll describe in detail the genomic test that shows you this very thing. I did it and I have never looked back. I now know exactly what I need to do to keep my breasts not only healthy, but also free of ER+ breast cancer. That my friend is Power, Prevention, and Peace of Mind!