Shopping For Your Health

Shopping For Your Health

When I am working with people on their food choices, they always ask me about organic verses inorganic fruits and vegetables. I let them know that “organic” is best, but sometimes we have to watch our budgets. In fact, I don’t know anyone who has an endless budget for food, so make your choices wisely. Even I have to make hard choices sometimes when choosing “healthier” foods. So, here is a list for the Dirty Dozen (fruits & vegetables that are sprayed with lots of pesticides & herbicides).


1. Apples
2. Bell peppers
3. Blueberries
4. Celery
5. Cherries
6. Grapes (imported)
7. Kale/collard greens
8. Nectarines
9. Peaches/pears
10. Potatoes
11. Red raspberries/strawberries
12. Spinach

So, it is best to buy organic from this list. Then there is the Clean 15.


1. Avocadoes
2. Onions
3. Sweet corn (non GMO)
4. Pineapple
5. Mangos
6. Sweet peas
7. Cantaloupe
8. Plums
9. Asparagus
10. Kiwi
11. Eggplant
12. Watermelon
13. Grapefruit
14. Sweet potato
15. Honeydew melon

On this list you can shop freely and buy non-organic. This really helps out with your food budget, since organic produce is always more expensive. Save pennies, nickels and dimes wherever you can so you can afford other foods that are healthy such as organic dairy and meats. It is best to buy grass-fed meats, but organic is acceptable. It all depends on your food budget. Now, go out and have fun shopping! Remember, food shopping isn’t simply about filling up your food cart, it’s about making intelligent choices as you’re not shopping for food, but you’re shopping for HEALTH!

Created by: Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS

Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

When I am out and about speaking to women’s groups about breast cancer, so many tell me that they think that breast cancer is hyped-up and really isn’t that “big of a deal”. Women who say this to me come from all ages and races. Many women who have made it to 70 and haven’t had breast cancer, simple think that they are “safe” and past the age of getting diagnosed. But that can be a costly mistake. Other times it is young women who think that they are “immune” from getting breast cancer, thinking it is an older woman’s disease. Please remember, that many young women get breast cancer, and when they get it, it is often more aggressive as Estrogen levels are much higher in young women than older women.

So, what are some of the risk factors for breast cancer?

The most common risk factors for breast cancer are being a woman and getting older. Which is interesting, as most women think that when they are in menopause, they are immune from getting breast cancer. However, the largest group of women being diagnosed with breast cancer is women in menopause. So, don’t assume you are safe. Get yourself checked with thermography, mammograms and genomic testing. Out of the 3 of these, genomic testing is the only one that not only gives you risk factors according to your genes; it also gives you solutions according to your genes. So personalized, individualized and customized. Now that’s just what you need to prevent getting the most common type of breast cancer, Estrogen Receptor Positive!

Another common risk factor is being a “white” woman. White women are diagnosed more often with breast cancer. However, the death rate is higher for Black women. They believe that this is due to diagnosing in the latter stages of breast cancer when death rates are at their highest.

Except for skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States of America. In 2016, more than 240,000 cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed in women and 2,600 cases in men in the USA.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

In 2016, about 40,450 women and 440 men were expected to die from breast cancer in the USA

One in 7 women in the USA will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world and the leading cause of cancer death in women, with an estimated 1.7 million new cases recorded in the year 2012.

Every 60 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer.

At the current rate, 13 million breast cancer deaths around the world will occur in the next 25 years.

Every two minutes, one case of breast cancer is diagnosed in the USA.

These facts are not meant to scare you out of your wits, but to inform you, keep you grounded and not hide your head in the sand and pretend that this cannot happen to you. All the breast cancer survivors I spoke with all thought the same thing, “This will never happen to me”. They were shocked and in total disbelief when they got the diagnosis. So it would seem, most of us live in denial that this disease will arrive at our doorstep. But truly, you don’t have to be worried about it or ignore it at all.

Simply take this in-home, private and easy test with a simple swipe of your inner cheek (You know, like on all those CSI shows). And in 6 weeks, you’ll know precisely what is going on in your body. For me, this is the most important part – you get answers/solutions on what action steps you can take to avoid getting ER+ breast cancer. What good is it to know you are at risk and have no solutions? Come on, jump aboard this fantastic health train to avoid getting the most common breast cancer – Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+). I’m here to give you action steps that will give you Peace of Mind!

Here’s to a Breast Cancer-Free 2018!

Here’s to a Breast Cancer-Free 2018!

Happy 2018 to all my lovely followers. This is the time of year when we set goals that we want to accomplish for the New Year. Many of us set financial goals or even goals for our children, but we don’t set our own health goals. Thinking of the health of our breasts seems to be out of mind, something we take for granted. But, when I talk with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and survived, they always vividly remember the day and the minute that they heard the words; “You have breast cancer”. So I ask you to think about your breasts and how you can keep them healthy throughout your lifetime.

As a nutritionist, I would always suggest that people begin the New Year doing a detox/cleanse. It’s not that I don’t advise that anymore, but now I can go a lot deeper with my clients. Not everyone is able to cleanse properly no matter what cleanse you are utilizing. Why you ask? Please keep reading.

You see, there are many genes involved in the process of your liver’s ability to detoxify chemicals, pesticides and even Estrogen. Estrogen is a much-needed hormone, but when your liver cannot break it down correctly so that it can be properly eliminated from your body it becomes your enemy. I found that out when I did my genomic test. The test results showed that I actually had several SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that made it very difficult for my liver to function properly in order to eliminate dangerous chemicals out of my body including Estrogen. So, I could do every cleanse offered on the market, but because I had a few “hiccups” on the detoxification pathway, I would be wasting my money . . . and so would you.

Before you jump in and get on the 2018 Cleanse Band Wagon, take a moment to take the Detox Complete Genomic Test to see how your liver is able to breakdown dangerous chemicals, pesticides and Estrogen. And, if you have a few “hiccups” as I did, you’ll get solutions to overcome them. Solutions just for YOU so that you can talk to your DNA. So personalized, so fabulous. Now when I cleanse, I know my liver is fully operational and ready to complete the task. So I benefit completely from a New Year cleanse and so will you.

No guessing, no one cleanse fits all. Find out about YOU and how your body is working. Then discover your individual solutions. This is truly the key to keeping you breasts cancer FREE. I am standing for all women to never hear those heart-stopping, breath-taking words, “you have breast cancer”. And if you’re thinking that you cannot afford the test, please think again as even if you have great health insurance it still costs out of pocket at least $10,000 when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.

So, here’s to a healthy 2018 knowing you are setting health goals for your breasts and your body! The Detox Complete Genomic Test will show you how. I look forward to meeting you and getting to work with you!

Hair Dyes & Relaxers Linked to Breast Cancer – What you need to know!

Hair Dyes & Relaxers Linked to Breast Cancer – What you need to know!

Just read an interesting article about a study done at Rutgers University in New Jersey that detected carcinogens in hair products and linked them to the incidence of breast cancer in a group of women.

OK here are some of the basics of the study:

4,285 women between the ages of 20-75.

2,280 of them (1,508 African American and 772 Caucasian) already had breast cancer.

2,005 of them did not have breast cancer.

Researchers found that the darker shades of hair dyes were the most likely to contribute to the development of cancer. In fact, dark hair dyes were associated with a 51% increased risk of breast cancer in black women and a 72% increased risk in Estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer!

White women, however, were more likely to be affected by chemical relaxers and straighteners, with a 74% increased risk.

**Each woman’s individual estrogen-receptor positive status is also believed to contribute to how much impact these relaxers and straighteners have on her breast cancer risk. That is why it is so important to get your DNA tested to discover your personal estrogen-receptor positive risk factors. Stop guessing and discover your personal risk factors for Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer.

More research is still needed in this arena. But, the good news is this is just one risk factor we have almost absolute control over. Change your hair routines up and get your DNA tested!

How Estrogen plays a role in Breast cancer risk

How Estrogen plays a role in Breast cancer risk

Simply put, women have a high risk for breast cancer based on their cumulative lifetime exposure to Estrogen. In fact, lifetime exposure to Estrogen is an independent risk factor for breast cancer. The exposure to Estrogen can be from food, birth control pills, fertility treatments, hormone replacement therapy, bio-identical hormones, or even from treatments of various chronic diseases, such as polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, vaginal bleeding and osteoporosis.

There are 3 estrogen hormones. They are Estrone, Estradiol and Estriol. Estradiol is the most powerful of these three. It has several key functions in the female body. It is essential for the development of the female reproductive tract, and helps regulate menstrual cycles. In the dance between Estrogen and Progesterone, Estradiol also helps develop secondary sex characteristics during puberty, prepares the uterus for implantation, and also plays a role in bone, brain, blood vessels, and liver tissue.

The dark side of Estradiol is that it is associated with the development and progression of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers. When Estradiol binds with a specific receptor site, it can increase cell division and DNA damage. Typically, your body responds to damaged DNA by jumping into DNA repair mode. But if the DNA repair mode is weak and compromised, Estradiol can activate the rapid growth of abnormal cells in the breast leading to the most prevalent type of breast cancer: estrogen receptor positive (ER+).

Although most people think that all types of breast cancer are slowly declining in the US, the National Cancer Institute reported that breast cancer rates will skyrocket by 2030! It is estimated that the rate will grow from 283,000 in 2011 to 441,000 in 2030! The number of in situ tumors that are ER+ are expected to increase from 19% to 29%. And, diagnosed women between the ages of 70-84 are expected to increase from 24% to 35% due to the aging baby boomer generation. Luckily, there are more effective treatment options for ER+ breast cancer compared to other types of breast cancer. But, ER+ breast cancer is also the most preventable. All the breast cancer survivors I have spoken with shared the immense emotion, physical, financial and medical struggles for them and their families. What is that old saying . . . “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. All of the survivors I spoke to would love to have had that ounce of prevention.

Your body is equipped to deactivate and clear out the most potent estrogen, Estradiol. However, sometimes there is one or more “hiccups” in this process and can compromise how Estradiol is broken down (or not broken down) and therefore, increase the risk of breast cancer. The more “hiccups” a woman has in this process, the higher her breast cancer risks. Particularly ER+.

With a simple swab of your inner cheek, you can see how your body is deactivating and clearing out Estradiol. Isn’t technology amazing?? But really, here is the truly amazing part – you’re given effective, evidence-based action steps to minimize your risk of ER+ breast cancer or prevent its recurrence. 25% of women will get a recurrence of ER+ breast cancer with 5 years.

I am passionate that every woman do this genomic test to see how her body is clearing Estrogen. Especially women who have been diagnosed with ER+, have conditions associated with excess estrogen, as well as those who are taking oral contraceptives, traditional or bio-identical hormones, or those thinking about fertility treatments. Don’t wait and see, thinking this could never happen to you. Be proactive and take charge of your breast health!! Contact me directly here. Let’s get you on a healthy breast path today!!

Myth: You are doomed to your genetic makeup!

Myth: You are doomed to your genetic makeup!

Myth: You are doomed to your genetic makeup!  If your genes predispose you to cancer, Alzheimer’s, early aging, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other diseases, there is little to nothing you can do to alter that path.  You don’t have much control over your genetic fate.

Truth: You do have some control.  Your genes are NOT your destiny!  A vast and fast-growing body of scientific research is now proving that regardless of your genes, you have the power to shift your “gene expression” through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices!  This is what epigenetics is all about.  Epigenetics means “upon the gene” meaning you have influence on that gene.  How crazy and wonderful is that??  So, what I’m saying is that your choices, your knowledge and the actions you take based on that knowledge, play a tremendous role, a role far greater than previously thought, in avoiding and beating diseases.  This truly helps you to look and feel amazing no matter your age.  And helps you live a very long and vibrant life.

I do this for a specific type of breast cancer – Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+), which is 70% of all breast cancers.  With a simple swab of your inner check, you can see how your liver is breaking down Estrogen so that it can be eliminated from your body.  Sometimes there is a “glitch” in the DNA so that Estrogen cannot be broken down correctly and therefore not eliminated.  When it is not eliminated, it keeps recirculating and building up to high levels called Estrogen Dominance.  This can lead to ER+ breast cancer.  Not only will you discover how your liver is working or not working, you will discover personalized solutions that talk to your genes so that you can avoid getting ER+ breast cancer.  Now that my friends, is a slam dunk and a no brainer!

Epigenetics is one of the major health breakthroughs of the 21st century as you’ll see when you get your test results.  No more guessing, no more one solution fits all, just straight personalized solutions for you.  After all, you are unique, one of a kind, and you deserve one of a kind answers! Contact Donna and order your test today!!!