Memories & Changes at Stop Breast Cancer Now

Memories & Changes at Stop Breast Cancer Now


So many lovely memories lately.  I apologize for my absence recently.  My dear mother passed away on March 9th.  She was 89 years wise.  The last 6 years have been difficult for her, my papa, my 4 siblings and myself.  But, the last 5 months were simply terrible.  Out of all the 5 children, I think it was most difficult for me.  For those last 6 years, I was the ONE.  You know, the one child who truly took responsibility for my aging parents daily overseeing.  I am not bragging or complaining, it was an honor to be by her side daily. Taking her to and from doctor appointments, cooking meals with her, going to restaurants to celebrate LIFE, sitting, talking, laughing and creating delightful memories together.  I told my mother before she died, that she was one of my best friends.  She looked at me and smiled telling me that I was her best friend.  Oh how my heart sang with such a statement of love.  Whenever she was in the hospital or nursing home, I was there daily, helping her groom herself, combing and styling her hair, putting cream on her legs and protecting her from our medical system that all too often makes medical mistakes.  In the end, she died peacefully at home with her loving husband of 67 years, her 5 children and 5 of her 13 grandchildren by her side.  I am so grateful for having her in my life for 62 years.  She is truly loved and missed.  One piece of advise for everyone, put down your techie devises and start creating cherished memories with your loved ones.  These memories are the most valuable possessions you can leave people.  Take care of your health so that you can be around to help create those memories.  That is one of the reasons that I work so hard at keeping women healthy.  I want them to create families, create loving relationships, create their best selves, and create treasured memories with those they love.

Changes at Stop Breast Cancer Now:

After careful thought, consideration, research and listening to experts and my clientele, I have decided to focus on just one (1) test for my clients.  It is the all-inclusive ULTIMATE test.  It is called this because it truly is the ultimate testing for just about everything from inflammation, heart health, immune system, detoxification, nutrients, weight management, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and exercise to name just a few.  Even though my clients were getting excellent results, they let me know that they wanted MORE!  Since many of my clients are struggling to conceive and striving to prevent breast cancer, this all-inclusive test gives so much more powerful information to create the healthy family of their dreams and to prevent getting breast cancer.  Fertility enhancement and cancer prevention need a strong immune system, homeostasis in inflammation, nutrient balances to guard against cancer, strong detoxification pathways, balanced blood sugar levels and appropriate weight.  You see, it al fits together.  The more we test, the more we can discover to help you get the ULTIMATE results!

Along those same lines of helping women stay healthy, one of the best ways I know is to PREVENT diseases from occurring. This is a concept that is rarely used here in the USA.  To me this just makes sense . . . STOP a disease before it begins.  We even have a sage saying about that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Seems simple and straight forward, but what is the best way to prevent disease?  From my research, using your own DNA gives you a personalized blueprint/ pathway to maintain or reclaim your health.  My best advice is to test before birth and after birth. 

Before Birth Testing:

What do I mean?  Well, before conception, it is advised that both the man and the woman get themselves “ready” to begin a family.  You bet, intentionally building up their health so that the sperm and the egg are of top quality!  This can assure that the baby’s “health potential” is primed at the moment of conception.  Believe it or not, this can truly impact the lifelong health of that baby as it grows into adulthood and beyond.  One of the best ways to do that is to use the Ultimate Test from Genoma International.  Using the DNA of the future parents, one can see if there are any potential problems with genes that influence the health of the baby.  This test shows genes that may be involved in miscarriage, conception difficulties, cleft lip, potential ADD, neural tube defects, etc.  As you can see, all of these are very important.  To me the profound question is why wouldn’t you take this simple test to assure the future health of your baby?  A healthy baby is the desired outcome, the ultimate gift.

After Birth Testing:

The after birth part of the equation is equally important.  Our genes are influenced by their environment, which means the environment inside and outside of your body.  You influence the “inside” environment many ways such as diet, lifestyle, emotions, social interactions, etc.  Remember, your genes are NOT your destiny.  Even if your parents were in the best of health when you were conceived, you can hurt those good and well behaved genes by choosing to live in a polluted city, drinking chlorinated and fluorinated water, taking drugs, drinking too much, eating processed, fast foods, staying in unhealthy relationships, etc.  You see your good genes can be influenced to “misbehave” and potentially cause problems.  And the opposite is true.  If you have genes that are “misbehaving”, you can get them to “behave” better by cleaning up their environment.  It’s powerful to get tested with the Ultimate Test as an adult to check in and see how your genes are behaving.  Are they protective or destructive?  And if they are misbehaving, what you can do to get them back on track.  Yes, you are given actual Solutions, Action items!  Think of all the pain and suffering that could be avoided.  My mother would agree that it is much better to prevent a disease than chase after it trying desperately to get well.  You see my mother had stage 4-kidney disease, COPD and some heart disease.  I discovered in my Ultimate test results, I might be very susceptible to all of these.  Armed with this knowledge, I can make decisions NOW that can influence the outcome of my genes, my health and therefore the quality of my life.  I truly believe in what I do for a living.  Helping people live healthier lives is so rewarding.  And yes, with health you are able to create outstanding memories with those you love! 

So, for those of you who want to know more about this Ultimate Test, please contact me.  You may not be concerned about fertility issues, but there may be cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or diabetes in your family.  All of these typically begin with a weakened immune system, inflammation and imbalances in nutrients.  For those of you who want to jump in and get going immediately, I am offering $100 off of my consultation fee through the month of May.  There is a plethora of information in this report, so we will be discussing your results for several months to make sure everything is covered.  Don’t be afraid to find out your strengths and weaknesses in your genes as you are given specific, researched-based SOLUTIONS using lifestyle, diet and supplements to get your genes to “behave”.  It is all so exciting, but more than that it is powerful.  And with this power of influencing your genetic destiny, comes the gift of more quality time.  Time to create priceless memories with your loved ones.  Time to spend with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  To me, there is no greater gift.

Here’s to my sweet mother, you, your health and your future memories to be created! 

Oceans of Health,

Donna M. McIntosh, MS, CHFS

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Wow, another year has come and gone. It seems each year is going faster and faster, so I just hang on, take charge when I can, and keep going! Every New Year brings many wishes for a Happy year. I like that, but what I like to encourage clients and others is to have a Healthy New Year. I find that when people are Healthy, they tend to be Happy.  Now, what are you going to do differently in 2019 to be healthy? And please don’t say, “I wish . . .” because wishing is just that – to desire, to want. Not good enough in my book. A strong declaration is needed with specific goals and steps.  I’ve found that most women don’t think about BREAST health when they make their New Year’s Health Declarations. With over 252,710 women in the United States being diagnosed with breast cancer every year (692 per day) and over 41,000 dying each year, I think breast health needs to be in the top 2. Wherever I go and talk about breast cancer prevention, there are always women there who have personally battled breast cancer, or have a friend who has breast cancer, or knows someone friend/family who has died from breast cancer. This is just unacceptable in my book when there are ways to actually prevent breast cancer. 

Breast cancer prevention is possible. With 80% of all breast cancers being Estrogen driven, why wouldn’t you take a DNA test to see how your liver is breaking down and eliminating Estrogen? This test is so simple and done in the privacy of your own home with 2 swabs of your inner cheek (just like on the CSI shows)! You mail it back in an envelope provided by the lab and 6 weeks later, results and solutions are available. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Power, Prevention, Peace of Mind! 

When most women think of breast cancer prevention they mention mammograms. Please, this is NOT prevention. This is detection after you already have breast cancer. How can that be prevention? When I went to my doctor 3 years ago asking him how I could prevent getting breast cancer because I had intense, shooting breast pain, he simply stated that I needed to keep getting my mammograms. REALLY? As a nutritionist, I knew I was eating really well about 80% of the time. What was I missing? Well, when I heard about Genomic testing and how it showed your liver’s ability to break down Estrogen properly so that it could be eliminated via sweat, feces or urine, I was intrigued. But when I discovered that they also gave you real solutions to override your errant genes, I was standing up and clapping for the speaker (I was at a nutritional conference at the time). I jumped at the chance to get signed up and get tested and what I found was amazing. I had several genes missing, several genes misbehaving and several just hanging around not doing their job. But, once I discovered what I needed to do to talk to these genes and get them back on course and applied the solutions with tenacity, my breast pain of 20+ years disappeared in 3 weeks. My thermograms went from being red-orange and angry with lots of inflammation, to cool blues and purples with no inflammation. I’m telling you, this test works! 

Do not become one of the statistics of breast cancer. Especially when this test is available. Genomic testing is being done on breast cancer tumors to see what drugs can be used to kill the cancer. Well, why not use this genomic test to prevent getting the breast tumor in the first place?? I have met women who have had radical mastectomies, women who have had lumpectomies, radiation and chemotherapy. None of them are the same afterwards. Their lives are changed forever. However, most of them were like you, thinking that they would never get breast cancer and therefore, didn’t have any action plans for keeping their breasts healthy. The other day, one of my clients stated, “You’d have to be a Boob to pass up this test”. We laughed at the pun, but vowed to spread the word across the country and globe. Don’t’ be a victim, be proactive. Get in contact with me to get this test done and discover how you can change your breast health destiny! Remember these words: Power, Prevention, Peace of Mind. It doesn’t get any better! 

To Your Breast Health in 2019,

Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS

Genomics and Healthy Aging:

Genomics and Healthy Aging:

Our genes interact with the environment over time to create different outcomes through a process known as “phenoplasticity”. Exposure to toxins, biological agents, diet, and physical activity all have a different impact on your health – depending on your genes. Genomic testing and interpretation identifies genetic variations impacting individual biochemistry and metabolism. Genomically informed, personalized healthcare can create appropriate interventions for delaying or avoiding many chronic diseases associated with aging, including: heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Genomic Tests:  Women’s Health

Genomic Tests: Women’s Health

Estrogen metabolism is one of the most important factors influencing a women’s health. 70% of breast cancer cases are estrogen-induced. 10-15% of all cases are due to hereditary gene mutations such as BRCA1 or BRCA2. Understanding a woman’s genomic profile associated with estrogen detoxification can provide personalized strategies to improve estrogen metabolism and potentially reduce breast cancer risk.

Another key health issue for women is bone health. Osteoporosis and osteopenia impact over half of all women in the United States. Bone loss can occur even at early ages, going undiagnosed until fracture or pain initiate a clinical evaluation. Genomic testing can help to identify risk and inform dietary and lifestyle interventions for personalized prevention and treatment.

Optimal thyroid function is also important. Women are far more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism than men. Genomic testing can evaluate genes involved in thyroid hormone production, key nutrients needed for optimal thyroid function, and provide an individualized approach to this common condition.

The Complete Health and Ultimate Wellness genomic test panels include evaluation of genes related to estrogen metabolism, osteoporosis, thyroid function, and many more – enabling personalized treatment and prevention strategies for each woman.

Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS

Case Study

Case Study

I’ve had a lot of women contacting me regarding breast cancer prevention and genomic testing.  So, I’d like to present a CASE STUDY so that you can get a better understanding of what this genomic test can do for you in the 3 realms:  power, prevention and peace of mind!

Alicia is 67 years young and is in vibrant health and loving this stage of her life.  But 12 years ago, she lived in constant fear.  That’s when her mother died from estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer.

Alicia was informed that this type of breast cancer was not hereditary, so she didn’t have to worry and there was absolutely NOTHING she could do except to get her regular mammograms and live a healthy lifestyle.  Then, her sister was diagnosed with the same cancer.

With this family history of breast cancer, she felt she was just waiting for the inevitable to happen to her.  But, she didn’t want to live in fear, so she decided to seek a proactive approach.  Alicia was told that there was no definitive way to prevent this disease, but she did have an option to take medication that inhibited estrogen levels in her body.  As with many medications, it had significant potential side effects.  Alicia wanted to know if there were any other options, so researched the internet for months, looking for a different solution.

What she found completely changed her life.

Although BRACA1 and BRACA2, hereditary gene mutations, are the most well publicized causes of breast cancer, they only account for about 10% of all cases.  The majority of breast cancer is related to estrogen – about 80% of all cases, to be exact.  Estrogen can potentially cause breast cancer by stimulating growth of breast tissue that at some point can become cancerous.

Estrogen can also cause breast cancer when your liver does not metabolize it efficiently.  This can damage DNA directly.  This may be one of the main causes of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, and one that gives us great potential for prevention today using genomic medicine.

Alicia discovered this new science called genomics, and how it is being used to personalize prevention and treatment programs based on a person’s DNA.  Using genomic testing, personalized nutritional strategies can be created based on a person’s DNA to prevent ER+ breast cancer in women.  This is called Nutrigenomics.

Alicia learned from her genomic test results that she was indeed predisposed to ER+ breast cancer because of SNPs (snips), or small changes called single nucleotide polymorphisms, in genes related to the processing of estrogen in her body.  She also learned that even post-menopausal women produce estrogen and if the right combination of genes responsible for metabolizing this hormone is impaired, then according to the scientific literature, it can increase their breast cancer risk significantly.  Most importantly, Alicia was thrilled to learn she could DO something to reduce her risk without medication!!

Using her genomic data as a guide, and approaching her using a whole-person approach to her health, she received a personalized plan involving diet, stress management and nutritional supplements to better support her genes and the enzymes they produce.  And best of all, she could follow how that was working using biomarker testing and adjusting her regimen as needed.

Alicia became part of an ongoing study with Genoma co-founder, Dr. Joe Veltmann.  This group of more than 200 women was either at risk of ER+ breast cancer, or had been diagnosed and treated for ER+ breast cancer.  They all knew the odds:  one in six women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and on average 25% of women diagnosed and treated conventionally for ER+ breast cancer have a recurrence within 5 years, according to data from several research studies.  This group of women has been following individualized DNA-directed protocols for more than 12 years.  None of these women in either of the two groups has developed breast cancer or a recurrence of the disease.  They have all beaten the odds.

Alicia feels empowered by Genomic Medicine, knowing how to stay healthy because she has a proactive and individualized plan.  She no longer worries about what she believed to be her genetic destiny, and lives today without fearing she will suffer the same fate as her mother and sister.  Please go to my website to read MY STORY:

Infertility and Estrogen

Infertility and Estrogen

At times it seems like yesterday when my first husband and I were desperately trying to have a baby.  I was 29 years old.  Then we were recommended to the only infertility doctor in the Phoenix area.  And I can honestly say, that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  The roller coaster of tests and emotions came crashing down around us.  So many shots, pills and doctor appointments- it all seemed like a blur even then!  Now, it is 32 years later and it always sends a shiver up my spine when a couple tells me they are seeing a fertility specialist.

I think I was checked for every hormone possible, but funny, I don’t remember getting tested for my Estrogen level.  I remember precisely getting tested for Progesterone and Prolactin and antibodies against my husband’s sperm.  And worse, no one could tell us WHY we weren’t conceiving!  It was so frustrating and exasperating.  After 13 months on Clomid and 11 IUI’s, we finally stepped away from our dream of having children.  I was 30 years old.  We had been trying for 3 years and were out of money.  I remember crying for days at a time.  And, every time I saw a woman with her baby I would cry again.  Finally, I got up the courage to ask a new mother if I could touch her baby’s head/hair.  It always brought a sense of calm and serenity to me as my hand touched the soft, baby hair.  Such perfection!  I even wrote a song about it!  If anyone is interested, I will send it to you upon request.

So here we are, 32 years later.  Science has exploded in so many fields of study.  And of course, it has in the field of fertility.  But, what is so exciting is the Genomic test using the DNA of the man and woman, which will show their ability to conceive in many areas.  One area is how well the woman and the man are breaking down Estrogen, because if it isn’t breaking down properly, he/she will be Estrogen Dominant and it may interfere with their ability to conceive.  Truly, I believe this is exactly WHY I couldn’t conceive.  My liver had several “hiccups” in it’s ability to break down Estrogen so that it could be properly eliminated via sweat, urine and feces.  Because it wasn’t breaking down properly, the Estrogen just kept recycling and recycling, raising my Estrogen level.  Again, this can happen to a man as well, making his Estrogen level go up and become dominant over Testosterone, causing a low sperm count.  I worked with several couples where one or the other had a problem with Estrogen clearance through the liver.  Once it was identified and taken care of using diet, lifestyle and supplements, they conceived easily.

The second area of using your own DNA is looking at your ability to methylate.  Again, this happens in your liver.  If there is a “hiccup” in this process, it can make it very difficult to not only conceive, but to carry full-term.  So many couples that have several miscarriages in a row often have a problem with methylation.  I worked with a woman who had gotten pregnant 4 times and all miscarried within 7 weeks.  We then did a DNA Genomic Test to check her ability to methylate and found out she had several “hiccups”.  So we got busy and got her on track using lifestyle, diet and supplements.  She now has a wonderful little boy who just turned 1 in January.  Now that, for me, is a magical blessing.  Many times I cry when a client conceives and I get to hold that baby for the first time.  It is always tears of joy and love at the blessing of a new life!

So, if you are having trouble conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy, you just may have some “hiccups” in your liver affecting your Estrogen clearance and your ability to methylate.  This genomic test is so easy, affordable and private, as you do it in your own home.  The test kit is mailed directly to your doorstep.  You swab the inside of your mouth and mail it back to the lab in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided.  When I get the results, I write a report and then we have a phone consultation explaining your results and ACTION PLAN!  Yes, you get an action plan of what you need to do to get your liver on the right track.  In other words, you learn how to talk to your genes and get them to behave.  This is powerful information and is very individualized and customized since it is just for YOU using your DNA!

I look forward to helping many couples wanting to hear the laughter of their baby and the pitter-patter of little feet running down the hallway.   I know that longing and yearning and want you to fill your arms with your precious baby and not walk away with empty arms as I did.

Here’s to new science and the ability to help many couples!  I am 2 generations late, but if this had been available when I was “trying”, I would have jumped at this immediately.  Contact me and let’s discuss your desires and get going.  Don’t wait another moment, minute or month.  Your baby is waiting for you!