Happy 2018 to all my lovely followers. This is the time of year when we set goals that we want to accomplish for the New Year. Many of us set financial goals or even goals for our children, but we don’t set our own health goals. Thinking of the health of our breasts seems to be out of mind, something we take for granted. But, when I talk with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and survived, they always vividly remember the day and the minute that they heard the words; “You have breast cancer”. So I ask you to think about your breasts and how you can keep them healthy throughout your lifetime.

As a nutritionist, I would always suggest that people begin the New Year doing a detox/cleanse. It’s not that I don’t advise that anymore, but now I can go a lot deeper with my clients. Not everyone is able to cleanse properly no matter what cleanse you are utilizing. Why you ask? Please keep reading.

You see, there are many genes involved in the process of your liver’s ability to detoxify chemicals, pesticides and even Estrogen. Estrogen is a much-needed hormone, but when your liver cannot break it down correctly so that it can be properly eliminated from your body it becomes your enemy. I found that out when I did my genomic test. The test results showed that I actually had several SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that made it very difficult for my liver to function properly in order to eliminate dangerous chemicals out of my body including Estrogen. So, I could do every cleanse offered on the market, but because I had a few “hiccups” on the detoxification pathway, I would be wasting my money . . . and so would you.

Before you jump in and get on the 2018 Cleanse Band Wagon, take a moment to take the Detox Complete Genomic Test to see how your liver is able to breakdown dangerous chemicals, pesticides and Estrogen. And, if you have a few “hiccups” as I did, you’ll get solutions to overcome them. Solutions just for YOU so that you can talk to your DNA. So personalized, so fabulous. Now when I cleanse, I know my liver is fully operational and ready to complete the task. So I benefit completely from a New Year cleanse and so will you.

No guessing, no one cleanse fits all. Find out about YOU and how your body is working. Then discover your individual solutions. This is truly the key to keeping you breasts cancer FREE. I am standing for all women to never hear those heart-stopping, breath-taking words, “you have breast cancer”. And if you’re thinking that you cannot afford the test, please think again as even if you have great health insurance it still costs out of pocket at least $10,000 when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.

So, here’s to a healthy 2018 knowing you are setting health goals for your breasts and your body! The Detox Complete Genomic Test will show you how. I look forward to meeting you and getting to work with you!