Getting Acquainted

Donna McIntoshDonna McIntosh
Master Degree in Holistic Nutrition

I’ve been working with women since 2005 helping them to make better food choices for fertility, healthy babies and healthy breasts. I love what I do because I enjoy empowering women to be at their best and healthiest!

My scare of getting breast cancer began almost 2 decades ago. I was at high risk since I never had any children, therefore never nursed, took dangerous fertility drugs longer than I should have, took the Pill, had a grandmother who died of breast cancer (she got it twice) and have a father who had prostate cancer. Even knowing all the above, I really didn’t give breast cancer much thought until the breast pain began in my early 40’s. It began in my left breast as a dull, deep ache with an overly sensitive, painful nipple. Every mammogram I got hurt like bloody heck. And every time they’d call me back in to take another look at my left breast – which happened to be the breast with the pain. I also had several thermograms that showed lots of angry, red inflammation in my left breast. Again right where all the pain resided.

Then in my 50’s the pain changed and not for the better! The dull, deep ache changed to a sharp shooting pain straight from my armpit to my nipple. It felt like an electrical shock, a lightening bolt firing off in my breast. It would almost drop me to my knees. Talk about getting my attention and causing anxiety and fear!

Here I am with a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition making really good food choices, doing cleanses and I felt completely helpless. Not a good feeling at all. Was I supposed to “wait & see” what would happen as my doctor suggested? NO WAY! That’s not my style at all. But, what else could I, should I do?

Finally the answer appeared. I was attending a nutrition convention where the keynote speaker talked about a new technology using our genes called Genomics. Using this technology, you do a simple swab of your mouth, in the privacy of your own home to access your risk of getting the most common type of breast cancer – Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+).

But here’s the real magic.

You not only get to see your risk, but you also get personalized answers and solutions! Exactly what you need to do. Now I had an incredible tool and I felt powerful! After only 3 weeks of doing the protocols, I no longer had any breast pain. Amazing since I’d had the pain for 20 years. And my most recent thermogram showed no more angry, red inflammation in my left breast.

I am thrilled and over the moon with joy, relief and complete peace of mind! I can relax knowing I am doing everything possible for me to prevent getting ER+ breast cancer.

You can have this joy and peace of mind, too!

Worried about getting breast cancer?