Myth: You are doomed to your genetic makeup!  If your genes predispose you to cancer, Alzheimer’s, early aging, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other diseases, there is little to nothing you can do to alter that path.  You don’t have much control over your genetic fate.

Truth: You do have some control.  Your genes are NOT your destiny!  A vast and fast-growing body of scientific research is now proving that regardless of your genes, you have the power to shift your “gene expression” through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices!  This is what epigenetics is all about.  Epigenetics means “upon the gene” meaning you have influence on that gene.  How crazy and wonderful is that??  So, what I’m saying is that your choices, your knowledge and the actions you take based on that knowledge, play a tremendous role, a role far greater than previously thought, in avoiding and beating diseases.  This truly helps you to look and feel amazing no matter your age.  And helps you live a very long and vibrant life.

I do this for a specific type of breast cancer – Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+), which is 70% of all breast cancers.  With a simple swab of your inner check, you can see how your liver is breaking down Estrogen so that it can be eliminated from your body.  Sometimes there is a “glitch” in the DNA so that Estrogen cannot be broken down correctly and therefore not eliminated.  When it is not eliminated, it keeps recirculating and building up to high levels called Estrogen Dominance.  This can lead to ER+ breast cancer.  Not only will you discover how your liver is working or not working, you will discover personalized solutions that talk to your genes so that you can avoid getting ER+ breast cancer.  Now that my friends, is a slam dunk and a no brainer!

Epigenetics is one of the major health breakthroughs of the 21st century as you’ll see when you get your test results.  No more guessing, no more one solution fits all, just straight personalized solutions for you.  After all, you are unique, one of a kind, and you deserve one of a kind answers! Contact Donna and order your test today!!!