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Are you one of those women who thinks you are NOT at risk of getting breast cancer because no one in your family has it, or you’re well into menopause so why worry, or you’re a health nut so it’s not even possible?  Well, I was one of those women, too!  But truthfully, 80% of all breast cancers are NOT hereditary!  And 70% fall into one big bucket – Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+) breast cancer. 

Just eating organic and doing cleanses isn’t enough either especially if your DNA has a glitch in the way it breaks down Estrogen.  And menopausal women aren’t safe either as this is the fastest growing group of women being diagnosed with breast cancer.So really, every woman should know her risk for the most common type of breast cancer – Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+).   So what is the solution??  There is a simple, affordable, in-home DNA test that can prevent you from getting ER+ breast cancer. YES, I am talking about actual prevention – not early detection or awareness!  If you want to know more, click the button below and let’s chat.  The sooner the better!

Most of us never truly think about the health of our breasts and how to keep a healthy bond with this very important connection with our universal feminine. But, what IF . . .

  • You could prevent getting the most prevalent kind of breast cancer –ER Positive?
  • There was a simple, in-home test using your DNA showing your risk of getting ER+ Breast Cancer?
  • You knew precisely what YOU needed to do in order to prevent getting this most common type of breast cancer?
  • You could change your Breast Cancer Destiny?

The resounding answer to all the questions above is you can!


Breast Cancer Donna McIntosh Genomics

What the heck is Genomics?

We now have the tools, expertise and skills to unzip your DNA (sounds sexy doesn’t it?), and discover your DNA “hiccups” that can lead to breast cancer. Then using evidence-based research, recommend specific, personalized action steps to reduce your risk of getting the most common type of breast cancer!

Client Testimonials

“I am glad to know I’m doing a lot right in terms of disease prevention but I learned quite a bit of how I can step up my efforts after doing this test and having Donna analyze and explain the results to me. She is professional and spent a lot of time answering questions which I very much appreciated.”

Julia Latz

“Like many women, I am concerned about how to be as healthy as possible and avoid getting life threatening diseases like breast cancer. When Donna told me she had a way to identify my “unique” health needs and vulnerabilities to help determine my risk for getting Breast Cancer, I jumped at the chance to work with her!  My test results came back and Donna walked me through the findings.  She went the next step and told me exactly WHAT I needed to do to strengthen the areas where my body is challenged.  After a week (or month, etc), I can feel a positive difference in my body. I have peace of mind now that I know I’m reducing my risk for getting breast cancer by giving my body exactly what it needs according to my genes! Thanks Donna!”

Adele Michal

“Over the years, I’ve explored health as a participant vs. an observer.  Our bodies are amazing and I so enjoy gaining understanding about how my body best functions.  When Donna and I spoke about the genome testing, I thought “wow”, this is powerful and will be helpful for me and my continued learning.  

We’ve just reviewed my results.  The information contained in the report and the way Donna provides “layperson” language to help me understand what the report contained was clear and powerful.  I look forward to adjusting my health habits accordingly and boost my overall health in ways that my body can absorb.  Thank you Donna!”

Lynn Lambrecht

Donna is on a mission to change the way we look at our breast health from the inside out. I am inspired by her holistic approach to breast cancer prevention. She is not only knowledgeable, but sincere in her work. Donna’s dedication to breast cancer prevention is second to none. If you haven’t had the opportunity to speak to her about your breast health and the lifestyle changes that you can implement to prevent breast cancer, you must!

Malia Holleron

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